This is a super easy and effective way to show your little ones how germs spread and how tricky germs can be to get rid of. All you will need is some glitter, a toy and soap.



Step One

Cover their hands with glitter. Explain to them that the glitter represents all the nasty germs that we usually cannot see.



Step Two

Give them a hard toy to play with for a few minutes. Ask them to look at the toy and observe if it has any glitter germs on it. Explain to them that this is how germs spread onto surfaces and toys.


Now, it’s time to wash their hands.


Step Three

         Before Washing Hands with Water

Ask them to wash their hands quickly with water- no soap. Do they have any glitter germs left on their hands? Explain to them that washing with water doesn’t kill all the germs, just like it hasn’t got rid of all the glitter.

       After Washing Hands with Water


Step Four

      Before Washing Hands with Soap

Now, ask them to wash their hands with soap and count for 20 seconds.  This time there should almost be no glitter germs left on their hands.

     After Washing Hands with Soap


Reinforce to your little ones the importance of washing their hands properly. If you don’t have glitter, you can do the same activity with flour.


Written by

Rebecca Clifton