As you take your little ones out to enjoy the fresh air, the outdoor playground will most likely be one of your places of choice. Yet, did you know that playground equipment are exposed to germs and bacteria of all sorts? Infections can occur with a simple light touch of a contaminated surface. Fortunately, there are a number of good and simple hygiene practices to follow that can safeguard you and your little ones from contracting and transferring illnesses as they swing on monkey bars or play hide and seek.

  • Towelettes: have them with you at all times so you can wipe the hands of your little ones after they have finished playing, or to clean really dirty playground equipment (bars, steps, etc.) before they touch it.
  • Bottle of hand sanitizers: when the little ones are sneezing, coughing, or simply, by precaution if you are not sure, apply some sanitizing gel on their hands.
  • First aid kit: by keeping a miniature first aid kit, you can treat your child immediately if they have minor injuries such as scrapping or cutting their skin.
  • Wash hands with soap and water: we can’t repeat this too often; after playing, always wash hands, wash hands, wash hands. Scrub for at least 15 seconds all over the hands, and don’t forget to include the area underneath the fingernails which tend to accumulate dirt. You can even teach your little ones how to open and close the faucets using paper towel as to avoid touching them.
  • Keep hands out of mouth and off the face: this will significantly reduce the likelihood of infection, although we understand it is not easy to do with the really little ones.
  • Teach your little ones what areas have high-germ concentrations.
    These include areas where there is:

    • water (fountains, pools, etc.)
    • food (rubbish bins, food trays from outdoor cafeterias, etc.)
    • animals (pigeons, patches of ground where pets tend to pee or poop, etc.).
  • Don’t go out if the child is already ill: Of course, If your little one is already doing poorly, we advise against playing in playgrounds even if they are keen to do so, in order to help contain the illness and stop its spread to other kids.

We hope these simple hygiene practices will keep you and your family safe from germs and bugs as you go out and enjoy a good playtime. Have fun!


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