It is Mother’s Day on Sunday, 10th May, and Tinkerer has come up with some fun card and craft ideas to give to your mothers to show them how much you love them.


Button Card

You will need:



Patterned Paper




  1. Fold the card in half.
  2. Decorate by glueing buttons onto the front of the card and using the patterned paper and pens to draw pictures.

More Ideas: Use the buttons as candies and add the details. Arrange the buttons like flower petals and make a flower. Make shapes like hearts or stars out of buttons.


Handmade Card

You will need:






  1. Fold the card in half.
  2. Place your hand on the card with your thumb and forefinger on the fold. Your hand should be placed so that once opened it will look like a heart.
  3. Draw around your hand.
  4. Cut it out.
  5. Unfold the card, write your message and decorate.


Salt Body Scrub

This salt scrub is great for exfoliating the skin, add your mother’s favourite fragrance to make her happy.

You will need:

300g salt

120ml oil (vegetable oil or grapeseed oil work well)

essential oils

glass jar


  1. Measure out the salt and oil and mix them together.
  2. Add the essential oil if you wish. You should add around between 5- 15 drops depending on how strong you want it to smell. Stir the mixture again.
  3. Put the mixture into an airtight jar to keep it fresh.

Your salt scrub should last around 3- 4 months.


Felt Heart Decorations

Give your mother a heart to take with her everywhere.

You will need:



Needle and thread


Ribbon or key chain


  1. Cut two identical hearts out of the felt. You can add extra decorations like buttons or sequins at this stage.
  2. Stitch around the edge of the heart. Leaving a small gap in the heart stitching to add stuffing.
  3. Poke the stuffing into the heart to pad it out.
  4. Finish stitching the rest of the heart, so it is closed.
  5. Now, you can add ribbon or a key chain to your heart so it can be hung up or attached as an accessory.

We hope you have fun making these crafts. Don’t forget to tell your mother how much you love her!


Happy Tinkering!


Written by,


Rebecca Clifton

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