Easter weekend is almost upon us, and there are lots of creative crafts you can do to busy creative hands this weekend. Tinkerer has 5 easy Easter activities to do over the weekend.


Potato Printing

You can make fun Easter egg designs by cutting a potato in half. Then etching a pattern into the potato. Small children will need help with this stage. Next, paint the potato with bright, colourful colours. After you have printed your design you can then cut around the print design in any Easter shape you like.






Egg Hunt

Hide eggs or Easter eggs around your home, for the children to find. You can use paper eggs, toy eggs or chocolate eggs. You can let them play as a free-for-all, by letting them run around the house finding as many eggs as possible. Or you can make a scavenger hunt, giving them clues to where the next eggs are hidden.


Painting Eggs

Get some eggs and colourful paints. Then, decorate them in any pattern your child likes. You can do this activity a day before Easter and then use these eggs for an Easter egg hunt.


Bunny Bunting

Make a template of a bunny and cut out lots of bunnies using coloured paper. Use string or ribbon to attach the bunnies and decorate your rooms with cute bunny bunting.


Easter Wreath

Make an Easter egg wreath by cutting and sticking colourful paper in the shape of an egg. Stick the eggs in a ring and then hole-punch a hole in one egg. Thread a ribbon through the hole to hang up the wreath. You could also use the stamps you made from the potato printing or the bunnies you made in your bunny bunting.




We hope you enjoy these Easter craft ideas. Get creative with your designs and send us photos of your creations at #tinkererbox. We can’t wait to see them!


Written by,

Rebecca Clifton

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